Truckers File Lawsuit Against NYC Over ‘Congestion Fee’ for Drivers

Truckers File Lawsuit Against NYC Over ‘Congestion Fee’ for Drivers

The Trucking Association of New York filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), challenging the city’s congestion fee. The lawsuit claims the fee unfairly targets trucks and logistics companies by imposing higher rates than those for passenger vehicles.

According to a proposal from March, trucks would face charges of $24 or $36, while private passenger cars would pay approximately $15. Motorcycles and late-night entries into the city would be subject to lower rates.

The association stated that it and its members are “not fundamentally opposed to congestion pricing” but are “fighting to overturn the current version of this plan.” They aim to improve the plan to reduce its adverse impacts and introduce parity for the logistics industry. The association suggests that the MTA revise its plan to exempt the industry from the fee, limit trucks to being tolled just once a day, or toll them at the same rate as passenger vehicles.

This lawsuit is one of at least eight seeking to block the congestion fee plan, which is scheduled to launch on June 30. Earlier this month, a Manhattan federal court judge heard arguments in lawsuits brought by unionized public school teachers, politicians, and other New Yorkers. These lawsuits contend that the tolling was approved by federal transportation officials without proper scrutiny and that a more comprehensive environmental study should be conducted before the plan is implemented.

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