Rising Belief in Bigfoot Faces Scientific Scrutiny

Rising Belief in Bigfoot Faces Scientific Scrutiny

A Civic Science report indicates that belief in Bigfoot has increased from 11% in 2020 to 13% in 2022. However, a new study by the Journal of Zoology challenges this belief, attributing most Bigfoot sightings to black bears. Their 2024 research shows that for every 5,000 black bears, there’s one reported Bigfoot sighting. Black bears, prevalent in 32 states, are often mistaken for the mythical creature.

In Wyoming, there have been 12 reported Bigfoot encounters since 1970, with half in Shoshone National Forest near Yellowstone. Other sightings in the region include Fort Washakie and Uinta County. Despite these reports, the Rockies remain a hotspot for alleged sightings, particularly in Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and South Dakota.

One notable unlisted incident from 1972 was highlighted by the History Channel.  Watch Here:

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