Tesla Issues Recall for 3,900 Cybertrucks Due to Defective Pedals

Tesla Inc. has issued a recall for 3,878 Cybertruck pickups to address and potentially replace accelerator pedals that could become dislodged, leading to unintended acceleration and an increased risk of collision. The issue was identified following two customer complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Reports indicate that excessive force on the Cybertruck’s accelerator can cause the pedal to dislodge and become caught by the vehicle’s interior trim. Tesla has committed to repairing the faulty pedals at no cost to owners.

On the financial side, Tesla’s stock experienced a downturn of up to 2.3% before regular trading on April 19 and has seen a 40% decrease overall this year.

The recall also sheds light on initial sales figures for the Cybertruck, marking the first insight since CEO Elon Musk delivered the first units in November. Although specific delivery numbers for the model haven’t been disclosed in Tesla’s quarterly production and delivery reports, Musk has projected that it may take 12 to 18 months to ramp up production of the stainless steel-clad Cybertrucks. He has also noted that achieving an annual production rate of 250,000 pickups is unlikely until next year.

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