A Remarkable Journey: XPO Driver Surpasses 4 Million Miles Without an Accident

A Remarkable Journey: XPO Driver Surpasses 4 Million Miles Without an Accident

Four million miles—that’s equivalent to circling the globe 160 times or making eight-and-a-half round trips to the moon. Dale Williams, a 65-year-old Army veteran, has navigated these distances over his nearly four-decade career with XPO, not as an astronaut or pilot, but behind the wheel of a truck. Earlier this month, XPO honored Williams for achieving this milestone of 4 million accident-free miles, a rare feat in the trucking industry that few drivers accomplish. Truckers News reports that this year, Perdue Farms recognized only its second driver in 104 years to reach this milestone; Williams is the second for XPO in its 35-year history.

On April 8, XPO held a celebration at their Knoxville, Tennessee service center, awarding Williams with a camo-wrapped tractor to honor his military service, a $25,000 safe driving bonus, a trophy, a varsity jacket, and more. Additionally, he received a custom ruby ring set with four diamonds, symbolizing each million miles driven safely.

Tim Staroba, president of XPO’s East Division, praised Williams in an email to FreightWaves, highlighting his role as a safety-focused mentor within the trucking community and his dedication to the safety of colleagues, customers, and the public. Williams’ commitment to safety extends beyond driving—he also educates other drivers, sharing his extensive knowledge and experience.

Raised in Casey, South Carolina, Williams embraced military discipline early, participating in his high school’s Army ROTC program. He enlisted in the Army as a Private E-2, quickly rising to Sergeant E-5, and spent most of his service as a paratrooper at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After his military and National Guard service, Williams began trucking in 1980, eventually joining XPO (then Con-way Freight) in 1987.

Williams prefers the work-life balance that less-than-truckload (LTL) driving for XPO offers, allowing him to manage longer hauls while returning home daily. Throughout his career, Williams has witnessed significant changes in the industry, particularly the shift from CB radios to cellphones, which, while improving communication, also introduced new distractions for drivers. His advice to new truckers emphasizes the importance of rest, family support, and diligent pre-trip equipment checks.

Williams’ achievement was also celebrated by Glenn Jacobs, the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, and former WWE wrestler “Kane,” reflecting the broader community’s recognition of his career accomplishments. Today, XPO Logistics employs 13,000 drivers across North America, with Williams standing out as a model of safety and perseverance in the trucking industry.

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