Truck Driver Injured in Attempted Cargo Heist; Thieves Make Off with $30K Worth of Snow Crab in Philadelphia

Truck Driver Injured in Attempted Cargo Heist; Thieves Make Off with $30K Worth of Snow Crab in Philadelphia

Police in Philadelphia are investigating yet another cargo heist, this time targeting a Freightliner truck and leaving the driver injured. This incident marks the second theft of its kind within a 10-day period.  The driver was assaulted while trying to prevent the theft of $30,000 worth of frozen snow crabs from the refrigerated trailer.

Authorities are now on the lookout for up to twelve individuals who arrived in four vehicles to execute the robbery. The incident unfolded on Byberry Road in Northeast Philadelphia at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Friday.

Captain Jack Ryan of Philadelphia Police Northeast Detectives disclosed that the stolen goods, belonging to Grandpa Harvey, comprised two pallets totaling around 100 boxes valued at $30,000.

The truck was parked at the Walmart delivery dock in the Philadelphia Mills Shopping Center when the robbery occurred.

Despite the driver receiving alerts from a security system, the thieves persisted. Two of them physically assaulted the driver, who required medical attention at the scene.

John Rigney, the safety director of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, emphasized the pattern of criminals targeting refrigerated trailers for valuable items like ice cream, pork, crab legs, or beef. He cautioned truckers against confronting thieves directly.

Notably, last year witnessed a similar incident in the same parking lot where $750,000 worth of dimes were stolen from an unoccupied truck shortly after leaving the mint.

Additionally, on March 14, bourbon and meat were stolen from a parked truck while the driver was asleep.

Captain Ryan underscored that many truckers are asleep during such incidents due to the significant noise generated by refrigerated trucks.

Law enforcement is currently reviewing surveillance footage from the area.

Police advise truckers not to intervene in similar situations and to promptly contact 911 instead.

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