Tanker Crash on I-95 in Connecticut Leads to Extended Highway Closure

Tanker Crash on I-95 in Connecticut Leads to Extended Highway Closure

For the second time in just over a year, a significant stretch of Interstate 95 in Connecticut is facing a prolonged closure following a devastating tanker crash. Early Thursday morning, a tractor-trailer loaded with thousands of gallons of gasoline erupted into flames in Norwalk, leading to an emergency shutdown of the highway. This incident occurred under an overpass between exits 15 and 16 on the southbound side, prompting immediate action from state troopers and emergency crews.

The Norwalk Police Department has been actively managing the situation and coordinating traffic reroutes throughout the city. They advised motorists via a social media post on X to seek alternative routes and allow extra travel time due to the ongoing emergency operations.

During a press briefing, Governor Ned Lamont expressed relief that there were no serious injuries from the incident. However, the severity of the damage prompted him to declare a state of emergency. Lamont announced on X that a crucial segment of this southwestern Connecticut highway, merely 20 miles from the New York border, will be closed in both directions at least until Monday. This closure will allow for thorough police investigations, structural assessments, and necessary repairs, including the demolition of the compromised overpass and repaving of the road.

Echoing the urgency of the situation, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg confirmed his team’s collaboration with Connecticut’s Department of Transportation to clear and repair the interstate as swiftly as possible. Buttigieg praised the efforts of first responders in managing the scene and ensuring the safety of other motorists.

Governor Lamont has urged travelers to use alternate routes and stated that authorities are working diligently to determine a safe timeline for reopening the interstate. This incident mirrors a tragic event from April 2023, where a similar crash involving a fuel tanker in Groton led to one fatality and several injuries after a vehicle tire blowout caused the tanker to overturn and catch fire, spilling approximately 2,200 gallons of fuel.

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