Relay Now Available for Payments at Over 2,200 CAT Scale Locations

Relay Now Available for Payments at Over 2,200 CAT Scale Locations

Relay Payments, a leading fintech innovator for the trucking and logistics sectors, has announced a new feature that enables drivers and carriers to pay for weigh station fees using their Relay accounts at over 2,200 CAT Scale locations. This update is part of Relay’s integration with the Weigh My Truck application by CAT Scale, the largest public truck scale network globally.

Emily Neuman, Relay’s EVP of Operations, emphasized the company’s dedication to streamlining payment processes across the transportation industry. “Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, digital-first payment solution for all trucking-related expenses. This integration simplifies how our users manage and track their transactions, from fuel to scales,” Neuman stated.

The integration offers significant convenience and efficiency benefits, allowing users to consolidate various transaction types, including fuel, lumper, and scales, into one account. This can simplify the financial management aspect of trucking operations significantly, enhancing the overall efficiency of financial reporting and back-office operations.

Heather DeBaillie, VP of Operations and Marketing for CAT Scale, highlighted the time-saving benefits offered by the integration, noting, “Our customers can now enjoy the streamlined processes that come with using Relay for their Weigh My Truck transactions.”

Since its inception in 2019, Relay Payments has quickly replaced outdated payment methods like cash and checks with its secure digital solution, facilitating quicker and more reliable transactions. The platform is widely used by over 350,000 drivers and 90,000 carriers and is supported at more than 1,500 truck stops nationwide.

For additional details about Relay Payments or to access the mobile app, interested parties can visit this link. Relay continues to partner with leading companies in the trucking and logistics industries to enhance its robust payment network, demonstrating significant growth and innovation since its founding.

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