Estes fleet takes over, reopening revamped Yellow terminals

Late last week, Estes expanded its operations with the reopening of three former Yellow terminals located in Florence, South Carolina; Reno, Nevada; and Cinnaminson, New Jersey. These openings, announced on April 11th, are part of Estes’ integration of 24 terminals previously owned by the defunct Yellow, significantly increasing their network by adding 985 doors across various states including Washington, California, Florida, Michigan, and Texas.

In addition to the terminal acquisitions, Estes has incorporated 130 tractors and 6,000 trailers into its fleet, along with a vast number of load bars, air bags, and freight tables.

Webb Estes, the president and COO of the company, highlighted the strategic impact of these acquisitions: “This is the largest expansion of terminals and equipment in our company’s history. I’m proud of our team’s quick and efficient integration of these resources, which reflects Estes’ resilience and commitment to delivering superior customer service.”

Furthermore, Estes plans to launch operations at seven more former Yellow terminals by June, aiming to enhance service efficiency and customer experience. Carrie Johnstone, vice president of customer experience and innovation, emphasized, “Increasing our terminal capacity is crucial for reducing congestion and enhancing reliability for our clients. We’re swiftly mobilizing these new assets to optimize our service offerings and improve overall customer satisfaction.”

The expansion supports more effective operations and promises an improved shipping experience for Estes’ customers.

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