Deadly Tanker Truck Accident on Interstate 70 Near Denver Results in Fiery Chaos

Deadly Tanker Truck Accident on Interstate 70 Near Denver Results in Fiery Chaos

One person lost their life, and another was injured in a devastating collision when a vehicle struck a parked tanker truck on Interstate 70 near Morrison, Colorado, authorities reported. The incident occurred approximately 18 miles west of Denver, a location where the highway ascends into the mountainous regions.

On Thursday, the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 witnessed a catastrophic scene as a vehicle crashed into the tanker, which was stationary on the highway’s shoulder. The tanker, laden with diesel and gasoline, erupted into flames, creating a massive fireball and sending thick, black smoke into the sky, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

Trooper Gabriel Moltrer of the Colorado State Patrol indicated that the cause of the crash is still under investigation. The collision resulted in the death of a passenger in the vehicle, while the truck driver was rushed to the hospital with injuries, the extent of which has not been disclosed, stated Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jacki Kelley.

A chilling image shared by the sheriff’s office captured the severe damage, showing the burnt-out shell of the vehicle embedded in the rear of the tanker truck.

Initially, there were reports that up to six other vehicles might have been involved in the aftermath of the crash due to vehicles stopping on the highway. However, Kelley later clarified that the accident involved only the tanker and the vehicle that hit it.

The impact of the crash also sparked minor grass fires on both sides of the interstate, but these were quickly contained, Kelley added.

The accident led to the closure of both directions of the interstate. Authorities also had to inspect the structural integrity of the roadway after some of the spilled fuel and fire spread through a culvert under the eastbound lanes, further complicating the situation, explained Moltrer.

This tragic incident highlights the dangers of stationary vehicles on highways, especially those carrying flammable materials. The local authorities are continuing their investigation into the precise cause of this fatal crash.

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