Baltimore Bridge Collapse Creates Strain on Crucial Trucking Routes

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Creates Strain on Crucial Trucking Routes

DAT Freight & Analytics Reports a 57% Weekly Surge in Flatbed Loads in the Area


– Trucking lanes see volume spike after Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, reports DAT Freight & Analytics.
– Post-March 26, Baltimore’s flatbed loads jump 28.5%, with a 58.5% increase to Chicago, notes DAT iQ’s Dean Croke.
– Early market disruption stabilizes by week’s end, meeting load demands with adequate trucking capacity.

– Price jumps noted in crucial lanes post-bridge collapse, says Dean Croke.
– Flatbed rates from Baltimore to Chicago rise by 12.5 cents to $2.03/mile; Gary, Indiana, rates up 11.5 cents to $2.02/mile.
– Mixed outcomes in linehaul rates; South Bend stays at $1.98, Detroit sees a 6.5 cent decrease to $2.14 despite volume increases.
– Baltimore’s overall flatbed market sees a 2.5 cent decrease in linehaul rates despite being a key player in March’s peak season for farming and construction equipment imports, per DAT and U.S. Census Bureau data.
– Challenges in rerouting roll-on, roll-off equipment despite Baltimore’s minor role in container port operations, according to Jason Miller of Michigan State University.
– Baltimore’s dry van market lags, with rates down 1 cent to $1.33/mile but a 12% week-over-week load increase, reports DAT’s Croke.


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