What Truck Drivers Really Want In a Company

What Truck Drivers Really Want In a Company

Why are trucking carriers not listening? Drivers have asked this question for decades. Since the early 80’s.


After 1 year of research and countless Facebook polls we have reached 12,000 Class A Truck Drivers, here’s what we found.

To retain truck drivers, U.S. trucking companies should consider focusing on key areas that align with drivers’ preferences and work-life balance needs, which can significantly impact job satisfaction and retention rates.

Key Factors for Retaining Truck Drivers:

1. Compensation and Benefits**: Competitive pay remains a fundamental factor in retaining drivers. Companies should also consider offering comprehensive benefits packages that could include health insurance, retirement plans, and performance incentives.

2. Work-Life Balance**: Truck drivers value flexible scheduling that allows them to spend more time at home. Companies that provide opportunities for local routes, which enable drivers to return home daily, tend to have higher retention rates. Additionally, ensuring drivers have reasonable working hours and sufficient time off is crucial. Some companies offer a flexible vacation policy, which can be a significant draw.

3. Respect and Support**: A supportive work environment where drivers feel respected and valued is critical. This includes providing the necessary tools and training to perform their jobs effectively. Recognition programs for safe driving and other achievements can also foster a positive workplace culture.

4. Career Development**: Opportunities for professional growth and career advancement can make a company more attractive to drivers. This could involve training programs, opportunities for promotion, and the ability to transition into different roles within the company.

5. Modern and Well-Maintained Equipment**: Providing up-to-date, well-maintained trucks and technology can make the job less stressful and more enjoyable. This includes comfortable seating, reliable navigation tools, and vehicles that are regularly serviced.

6. Job Security**: The trucking industry faces a driver shortage, which can actually benefit drivers through enhanced job security and stability. Companies that highlight this stability to prospective and current employees can improve retention.

7. Healthy Work Environment**: Drivers appreciate companies that promote a healthy lifestyle, including providing access to healthy food options on the road and facilities for physical activity. Encouraging a healthy work-life balance and providing mental health resources can also contribute positively.

By addressing these aspects, trucking companies in the U.S. can create a more attractive and supportive environment that not only draws new drivers but also retains them for longer periods. This approach not only helps in addressing the driver shortage but also improves overall operational efficiency and morale.


Here’s a graph depicting what truck drivers typically want in a company. The percentages represent how commonly these factors are valued among drivers. As shown, competitive pay is the most valued, followed by flexible schedules and sufficient home time.


After reading article on carriers building new facilities for drivers, or modern new terminals or outside pet area’s. Let me ask our carrier executives how often are the same drivers in the new terminals per quarter?  These are more for the office staff and maintenance teams.  So when will management really listen?

As of 2023, the average salary for a CDL Class A Truck Driver in the United States is approximately $52,357 per year. However, the salary can range from $45,340 to $61,152 depending on various factors such as location, experience, and additional skills . Reminder these truck drivers work 70 hours weekly on the clock.  We generally work more off the clock.  If you average $56,000 per year and work 3360 hours in that year. A truck driver only averages $16.66 per hour.


Driver retention is a self inflicted wound and completely solvable issue in the Transportation Industry, let us all ask a question when will your company become the solution?

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