Narrow Escape: Truck Driver Survives Close Call with Train

Narrow Escape: Truck Driver Survives Close Call with Train

In a dramatic incident near Atlanta, a truck driver narrowly avoided a catastrophic collision with an oncoming train. The driver of the 18-wheeler tractor-trailer, whose identity has not been released, is fortunate to be alive after his vehicle stalled on the train tracks.

The event, captured on video, occurred early Tuesday morning off Allatoona Road near Interstate 75 in Bartow County, Georgia. Zack Hatcher, who was driving behind the stalled tractor-trailer, shared the footage with ABC’s Atlanta station WSBTV.

In the video, the sound of train horns is heard as the railroad crossing arms lower. A man is seen jumping out of the driver’s side of the truck and running away just moments before the train collides with the vehicle. The trailer is obliterated, with debris flying everywhere. Hatcher, who was nearby, had to reverse his car to avoid being hit by the debris.

The train eventually stopped, and Hatcher climbed between two of the train cars to check on the truck driver, who miraculously appeared unharmed. According to Capt. Lisa Fuller of the City of Emerson Police Department, the train’s engineer and conductor had seen the truck on the tracks and began braking immediately but were unable to stop in time.

This incident marks the eighth documented event at this train crossing since 2017 but is the first to result in a collision. The truck driver received a citation for driving a vehicle over a railroad crossing without sufficient space to cross completely.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. Capt. Fuller noted, “There’s been incidents before where the drivers weren’t able to get out of the vehicles.”

Authorities explained that the turning radius near the tracks has caused other trucks to stall in the past, but none had become stuck on the tracks before this incident.

AAA provided additional safety tips for drivers near train crossings:

  • Slow down when approaching train tracks.
  • Never stop on the train tracks or between the down gate and tracks.
  • Ensure there is room on the other side of the tracks before crossing.
  • Obey all signals, lights, bells, and gates.
  • Do not drive around a gate that is down.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Listen for trains, train whistles, and warning bells.
  • Look for trains, stopped vehicles, lowered gates, and warning lights.
  • Avoid distractions when driving.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers at railroad crossings and the importance of following safety guidelines.

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