Artur Express to Deploy 100 Kodiak Self-Driving Sleeper Trucks

Artur Express to Deploy 100 Kodiak Self-Driving Sleeper Trucks

**Artur Express to Deploy 100 Self-Driving Sleeper Trucks with Kodiak Robotics**

Artur Express, based in Hazelwood, Missouri, has announced a partnership with Kodiak Robotics to integrate self-driving technology into 100 sleeper trucks. This collaboration aims to enhance transportation efficiency and safety. Artur Express, ranked No. 93 on the Transport Topics Top 100 list of North American for-hire carriers, is also No. 29 among truckload carriers and No. 22 in refrigerated carriers.

“Participating in the development of self-driving trucks is incredibly exciting as it promises to revolutionize transportation and enhance safety,” said Artur Express co-President Artur Wagrodzki. “It will also improve our drivers’ work-life balance by enabling more frequent home time.”

Co-President Tom Tokarczyk added, “We are excited about future technologies and the transformation autonomous trucks will bring to freight movement. These innovations will not only increase our capacity but also boost safety and reduce fuel consumption.”

The timeline for deploying these trucks is still under discussion. “We are collaborating with Kodiak to finalize the timeline, select drivers from our fleet, and provide training on how to operate with Kodiak’s technology,” said Mark Koch, Vice President of Operations, in an email to Transport Topics.

Kodiak Robotics’ network spans over 19,000 miles, offering significant route opportunities for Artur Express. The self-driving technology is expected to provide Artur’s drivers with advanced tools for efficient nationwide deliveries, enhancing their performance and client satisfaction.

Artur Express operates over 700 trucks, including four battery-electric vehicles in the St. Louis area. Kodiak aims to integrate its self-driving technology into partner fleets by the second half of 2025. The company plans to launch its first driverless operations on the Dallas-Houston route later this year and will focus on the Dallas-Houston and Dallas-Atlanta routes in 2024.

Kodiak Robotics is currently collaborating with several high-profile companies, including Martin-Brower, Maersk, Loadsmith, C.R. England, Tyson Foods, Forward Air, the U.S. Department of Defense, Ikea, Werner Enterprises, 10 Roads Express, and Ceva Logistics.

To support the commercialization of autonomous trucking, Kodiak has formed an advisory council with members from the Arkansas Trucking Association, Loadsmith, Walmart, Werner, and UPS. This initiative aims to advance the adoption of autonomous technologies in the trucking industry.

Kodiak’s operations include truck ports in Villa Rica, Georgia, and Houston, Texas, partnering with Pilot Co. and Ryder System Inc. to facilitate their routes and validate their technology.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking collaboration and the future of autonomous trucking.


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